Weight Loss & Metabolism Evaluation 

Let's talk! Dr. Wolff takes pride in providing a friendly and welcoming environment. The weight loss and metabolism evaluation includes a physical exam (including weight, body mass index calculation), discussion of medical history and weight loss goals. This will determine if lipotropic vitamin shots or medication is appropriate for you. If Dr. Wolff approves of either of these programs, basic blood work will be ordered. Treatment could be started on the consultation day. 

Wholistic Approach

Our program is wholistic, which means we take the entire person into consideration and incorporate lifestyle changes. We provide sample  menus, workouts, health coaching through a curriculum, recommend journaling  and optional 1:1 session with Dr. Wolff (at Week #3).

We have 2 Programs!

Lipotropic-Vitamin Fat Burner

All natural way to lose weight with a combination of vitamins and nutrients that turn fat into energy.

Vitamin B1 strengthens the immune system and necessary for the growth, development and function of cells.

Vitamin B2 supports the immune system and increases metabolism.

Vitamin B6 makes antibodies needed to fight infections, maintains normal nerve function and makes hemoglobin, which transports oxygen. 

Vitamin B12 promotes energy, and healthy nerve cells. 

Methionine, an amino acid and antioxidant. 

Inositol increases insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar levels. 

Choline promotes healthy nerve cells and converts fat to energy.

Carnitine improves fat metabolism and energy.

Medication Metabolic Control

Medication is sometimes the best approach to losing weight for some people. Dr. Wolff will prescribe medication that is appropriate for your specific weight concerns. 

Lose 10-20lbs

Lower Hemoglobin A1c (very important for diabetics or people that are pre-diabetic)

Get your CONFIDENCE back!