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Allergy Shots & Drops

Allergy shots (also called subcutaneous immunotherapy, or SCIT) is one of the best treatments available for your allergies and asthma. It is one of the few disease-modifying therapies available in medicine and targets the underlying cause of various allergic conditions. SCIT offers the potential of improving asthma control, providing relief from allergy and sinus symptoms, and reducing the need for medicines in the future. Allergy shots contain all-natural proteins from allergens found in the environment. Patients are first tested to determine what they are allergic to. Customized allergen extract vials are then produced for each patient based on these results which are injected underneath the skin.

Allergy drops (also called sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT) works like allergy shots by gradually helping your body build tolerance to the antigens or substance(s) that cause your allergies. The difference is that the antigen is placed under your tongue in a pain-free, customized liquid drop. These drops are made from the same FDA-approved allergen extracts used in allergy injection treatments. Sublingual immunotherapy is the most commonly prescribed form of immunotherapy in Europe, and has helped patients manage pollen, animal, mold, and dust mite allergies.

How Does It Work?

Regimens  include two phases, the build-up phase and the maintenance phase. The build-up is the process of gradual dose increases working up to the target or therapeutic dose. This allows the body time to get used to receiving something it is allergic to. Once the target dose has been achieved, this dose is maintained for a period of 3-5 years in most patients. It is during this maintenance phase that the immune system becomes tolerant and shifts from being allergic to becoming non-allergic. 


If you feel you are suffering from allergies and might be interested in allergy shots or drops, call 313-871-7572 to schedule an appointment today.

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