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Patch Testing

Do you have a rash that has been around for weeks? Not sure how it got there? Patch testing might be right for you! Patch testing is a specialized type of allergy testing to identify allergens triggering contact dermatitis.  At the initial visit, Dr. Wolff will ask you questions about your rash, such as time frame, location, symptoms (itch vs. burn), etc. She will then select the allergens she suspects are causing the problem.

Patch Application Day:  A very small amount of a suspected allergen is placed in a small disc or well and applied to the skin . While the patch tests are on, it is important to keep them dry, avoid getting sweaty, and avoid a lot of bending so that the patches stay in place.


First Reading Day:  After 48 hours, the patches will be removed in the office and the

tests examined for any reaction.

Last Reading Day Dr. Wolff will perform a final read to identify allergens. 

The list of allergens can then be plugged into this website to find safe products.

Most substances causing contact dermatitis are found in products we use every day.

These can be found in many places, including:

Personal care products – Fragrances, moisturizers, shampoos, make-up, hair dyes, etc.
Metals – Jewelry, belt buckles, watches and at times in replacement joints or dental products
Topical medications – Steroid creams, antibiotics
Footwear – Rubber, leather and other chemicals

If you feel you or a family member would be interested in patch testing, call 313-871-7572 to schedule an appointment today.

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